Stevian Silva

Human Ranger, a noble of Taldor


Stavian (named to attract the notice of the Grand Prince Stavian III, ruler of the Taldor Empire) is the fourth and youngest surviving child of Lord and Lady Silva, whose ancestors first tamed the wilds on the borders of the Verduran forest in Taldor. After three previous siblings died of illness in early childhood, and Stavian himself proved sickly, his parents refused to see him, and it was considered only a matter of time until death took him to the Hereafter. Despite considerable time spent in sickrooms Stavian did survive, though being used to a calm, solitary existence he found the bustle of the family’s castle unbearable. It was perhaps because of this that a ranger found him wandering the nearby edge of the Verduran forest one day, searching for peace and quiet. The ranger, a man called Guillermo del Bosque, took pity on the boy and took him under his wing. Together, during Stavian’s teens, the pair spend hours in almost complete silence, roaming the woods. Much of their time was spent tracking the beardless, peasant-poachers in the royal forests, from which Stavian learnt that man was the most formidable enemy of all. Stavian had been adequate in his schooling, but had really thrived out in the wilderness; under Guillermo’s guidance he grew strong and capable, and began to understand some of the ways of the enigmatic Gozreh and the land he watched over.

Though he respected his family and its traditions, Stavian felt little emotional connection to them, and as he grew older his independent spirit and a sense of wanderlust made it difficult for him to fit into the regimented, gossipy court life, waiting upon the pleasure of others. With three significantly older brothers to compete with there was no wealth, land or political power left for him. Instead, he decided to disappear into the forest one day, and not return until he had made a name worthy of respect for himself.

Stevian Silva

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